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January 4, 2017

Anuar, 有20多年工作经验的贝恩校友, 专门为私募股权集团和财富500强公司提供咨询服务. He assists C-suite executives and investors in defining total addressable markets, 进行尽职调查和合并 & 收购流程,制定增长战略. Anuar的专长在于TMT领域, helping telcos and SaaS companies boost their topline through pricing and accelerating their growth through data-driven go-to-market strategies.

Career Highlights

Strategia Partners
Bain & Company


Case Studies

Work Experience


2012 - PRESENT
Strategia Partners
  • Completed vendor due diligence for a high-performance specialty materials company, including the creation of a confidential investment memorandum that led to the sale of the company for $1.8 billion.
  • Defined the enterprise service offering for a top 3 cloud vendor by interviewing over 25 current and former CTOs and CIOs (the target audience) at Fortune 100 companies, including Uber, Citi, Johnson & Johnson, and Macy's.
  • Achieved a 250% revenue increase for an edtech software company by defining a go-to-market strategy, 包括目标受众, messaging, 启用销售流程, 许可条款(定价), 分销渠道.
  • Raised over $20 million for a pre-revenue medical device company in the neuro-imaging space by validating a valuation and helping the C-suite with negotiations with venture capitalists and private investors.
  • Transformed the go-to-market strategy for a Fortune 500 SaaS player serving the financial industry by defining a target operating model that allowed the company to leverage platform sales of its different SaaS offerings.
  • Led a $7 million series A capital raise for a London-based online travel agency and was responsible for generating a company valuation, 确定公司的发展战略, 寻找战略投资者.
  • 利润翻了一番,收入增加了1倍.医疗器械公司是5倍. To achieve this, we identified the appropriate market fit and contract research organizations and transformed the pricing from direct sales to subscription (SaaS).
  • 领导创立了SPAC公司,并完成了价值2美元的首次公开募股.60亿美元收购一家娱乐公司. To achieve this, 我们与SPAC创始人密切合作以确定目标公司, 进行尽职调查, 以及辛迪加投资者, 私人股本集团.
  • Designed a digital account segmentation tool for a Fortune 100 consumer packaged goods company. The client had 300,000+ accounts and had no visibility at the C-suite level to define brand activations. 我们的工具被推广到整个美国,然后是全球.
  • Completed several transactions totaling $100+ million for a top 5 telco for the past 5 years by helping our client identify acquisition targets, 进行尽职调查, 协助谈判.
重点领域:医疗技术, 欧博体育app下载, SPACs, LTV:CAC, Market Segmentation, Relative Valuation, Equity Valuation, 前收入估值, Pricing Models, Pricing, SaaS, Travel, 包装消费品, Valuation, Valuation Modeling, Valuation Multiples, Market Assessment, Market Sizing, Business Strategy, Strategy, 杠杆收购模型, 杠杆收购(LBO), 私募股权估值, Private Equity, Investments, Corporate Finance, Finance Strategy, 财务流程改进, 财务运营改进, 绩效管理, Due Diligence, Market Research, Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A), Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Real Estate, Venture Capital, 私募股权顾问, Three-statement建模, Waterfall Modeling, 软件即服务(SaaS), Market Research & Analysis, Retail & Wholesale, M&A尽职调查(财务), 尽职调查顾问, Customer Success, 市场策, Sales & 通道启用,石油 & 气体,会计,创意,创新研讨会


2009 - 2010
  • Restructured a $7-billion debt, resulting in $100 million yearly savings for the state of Mexico.
  • Designed a $35-million joint venture between a major private college and Mexico's largest fitness company.
  • Structured and placed a $25-million mezzanine loan for an Italian hospitality firm.
  • Led the valuation and due diligence for the largest direct response TV company in Mexico, leading to the sale of the company for $90 million to a global private equity group.
关注领域:私募股权顾问, 欧博体育app下载, Pricing Models, Venture Capital, Investment Banking, Valuation, Three-statement建模, Financial Reporting, Financial Modeling, Revenue & 费用预测,尽职调查,降低成本 & Optimization, 贴现现金流(DCF), Capital Raising, 金融基准测试, Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A), Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Real Estate, Market Segmentation, SaaS, Waterfall Modeling, Pricing, 软件即服务(SaaS), Market Research & Analysis, Retail & Wholesale, M&尽职调查(财务),尽职调查顾问,石油 & 气体,会计,创意,创新研讨会


2006 - 2009
Bain & Company
  • 曾在贝恩的私募股权业务部门工作, which helped global private equity firms with commercial and financial due diligence projects, market assessments, 以及多个行业的产品和价格基准, 包括软件和CPG.
  • Spun off successfully the financial services division of a Spanish energy company for $150 million to GE Capital. 负责进行产品和价格基准测试, 对公司进行估值, and more.
  • Led a global benchmark by region of the services offered to small and medium enterprises for a US global bank. 为该行业设计并重新定义了公司的全球战略.
  • 识别和实现信用卡部门的杠杆(激活), utilization, and retention—AUR model) that exceeded $90 million in additional earnings for a global Spanish bank.
  • Developed a price-demand elasticity model for the largest beer bottler in Panama. 证明了需求是无弹性的. Presented the results to the CEO and avoided a price reduction that saved tens of millions for the company every year.
  • Quantified and realized $100 million in synergies/savings between the largest soft drink company in Mexico and a juice company during a post-merger integration project that occurred immediately after the company's acquisition.
重点领域:医疗技术, 私募股权顾问, 欧博体育app下载, SPACs, Pricing Models, LTV:CAC, Venture Capital, 前收入估值, SaaS, Market Segmentation, 盈利能力分析, Three-statement建模, Market Research, Fundraising, Financial Modeling, Revenue & 费用预测,贴现现金流(DCF),尽职调查,降低成本 & Optimization, 资本结构分析, 可比公司分析, 金融基准测试, Cost Benchmarking, 商业智能(BI), Valuation, Portfolio Analysis, Price Analysis, Data Analysis, Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A), Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Real Estate, Waterfall Modeling, Pricing, 软件即服务(SaaS), Market Research & Analysis, Retail & Wholesale, M&A尽职调查(财务), 尽职调查顾问, Customer Success, 市场策, Oil & 气体,会计,创意,创新研讨会

Brand Manager

2005 - 2006
Procter & Gamble
  • Served as the Tampax brand manager for Mexico and was selected as the only co-op responsible for leading a brand (instead of acting as an assistant brand manager).
  • Launched the Tamapx Compak line and increased revenues by +30% (YOY) for the brand.
  • Designed and launched all marketing activities for Tampax including new product launches, brand activations, and was in charge of implementing strategies to capture additional share of market.
重点领域:降低成本 & Optimization, 客户终身价值, 商业智能(BI), Business Planning, 盈利能力分析, Market Segmentation, Three-statement建模, Market Research & Analysis, Retail & Wholesale, 尽职调查顾问, Accounting, Ideation, Innovation Workshops
2010 - 2011

工商管理认证MBA (CMBA)学位


2000 - 2005


ITAM -墨西哥城,墨西哥



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